Promoted Videos now appearing on partner watch pages

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | 10:56 AM

Since launching Promoted Videos late last year, we've been working hard to build an advertising platform that allows anyone to easily and efficiently find a larger audience for their videos on YouTube. We've made good progress, with thousands of advertisers currently running Promoted Video campaigns every day, and today we're announcing a highly requested change to the product that we think will benefit our entire community.

You may have noticed that Promoted Videos now appear on the watch pages of some partner videos on YouTube, placed within the section for Related Videos. (Previously, Promoted Videos only appeared next to search results and occasionally on the YouTube homepage.)

If you think of the initial launch of Promoted Videos as similar to AdWords -- a search advertising opportunity for marketers on YouTube -- this new feature is a lot like AdSense. For example, while Promoted Videos appearing next to search results are keyword targeted, those appearing on watch pages are contextually targeted based on the video and content of the page, so they are suited to your audience's interests. Also like AdSense, revenue generated by Promoted Videos on watch pages will be shared with the YouTube partner. This is another way we can help partners make money on YouTube, in addition to the display ads we serve in and alongside videos themselves.

As we continue to improve Promoted Videos, we look forward to providing you with more ways to increase your video's reach on YouTube, in ways that continue to benefit users, partners, and advertisers across the board.