Use Call-to-Action overlays to drive traffic to off-YouTube web pages

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | 8:02 AM

Many search marketers -- whether on Google or YouTube -- measure the success of their campaigns in terms of conversions. In those cases, it's not just about clicks or views of your ad, but what the user did next: a sale, a sign-up, a donation, or any other response in which users take action on your website.

We've heard from users, partners, and advertisers using Promoted Videos that they want to be able to incorporate these kinds of conversions into their campaigns so they can "close the loop" and drive traffic to off-YouTube web pages. We've been testing this feature with partners for several months, many of whom have seen great success. So today we're broadly launching this feature as an option for all Promoted Videos, allowing anyone who runs a campaign to specify a "Call-to-Action" for users, helping them generate engaged, well-targeted traffic for their websites.

Adding a Call-to-Action overlay to your video is easy. First, run a campaign to promote your video on YouTube. Then, go to the Video Details page under My Videos and fill out the fields in the section marked "Call-to-Action overlay." All you have to do is include a short headline, ad text, a destination url, and upload an optional image, and the overlay will appear whenever someone watches your video. Clicks on the overlay will be tracked in YouTube Insight.

Now Promoted Videos makes it even easier for potential customers to engage with your brand or products -- especially for those campaigns looking for user responses beyond an increase in views for your video. If you're looking for an easy way to help your video reach a larger audience on YouTube, promote your video today.