New Discovery Features in YouTube Insight

Thursday, September 10, 2009 | 2:02 PM

As engineers on the YouTube Insight team, we're constantly thinking about how we can better visualize YouTube data for our users, partners, and advertisers. Today we're releasing three new features for our analytics tool that hopefully give you more sophisticated, useful, and cool ways of using Insight so you can better serve and understand your audience.

  • Discovery over time. One of the very first features we launched in Insight was the ability to track a video's view count and popularity over time. A few weeks later, we launched a Discovery section that shows you how viewers found your videos. With this update, we've combined these two features into a nifty graph that illustrates how people discovered your video over time. Playing around with dates and sources of views (like external links or YouTube searches) will change the graph, and make it easier for you to see how search, related videos, embeds, and other areas of YouTube drive viewership.

  • Views from mobile devices. As more and more people use smart phones, the number of views and uploads we get from mobile devices has exploded: we get tens of millions of views every day from mobile phones, and since the beginning of the year YouTube uploads from phones have jumped 1700%. Mobile views are an increasing percentage of total views, so we've added "Mobile Devices" to the Discovery section of Insight to show you views of your videos that come from either mobile phones or platforms that use our APIs.
  • Views from subscribers. NigaHiga recently surpassed Fred to become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube (1,466,493 subscribers and counting). But how important are subscriptions in driving viewership? Which subscription modules work best? This new feature lets you drill down into views from the homepage subscriptions module, the subscriptions page, and subscription email sent to users. We've only started including subscription views as of a week ago -- you won't be able to see these stats for views before September 2009 -- but we think this could be one of the more useful Discovery metrics for our community as they explore how early views via subscriptions can help build an audience for new videos.

We'll be releasing more fun features soon so stay tuned.

Uwe Maurer and Mathijs Vogelzang