How partners and advertisers benefit from sharing statistics

Thursday, July 23, 2009 | 8:07 AM

Today we launched a new feature that gives uploaders the ability to make some information collected in YouTube Insight available publicly to anyone watching their videos on YouTube. Now when you watch a video, you can learn even more about it and its audience: on the watch page, under the "Statistics & Data" section, users will be able to see more information about a video's views over time, its popularity in different parts of the world, the top drivers of traffic, and the video's top three audience demographics.

This new feature is great for our users, as it makes the site more transparent and the videos you're watching more interesting. But there are added benefits for partners and advertisers. For partners, allowing statistics to be displayed with your videos is actually a great way to attract advertisers. We know that advertisers are looking for partners who have strong views and engaged audiences -- we've seen popular users like Paul Telner and Chris Bosh leverage YouTube Insight to sign business deals and sponsorships -- so we hope this feature will help you demonstrate the value of your content in new, more visible ways. Advertisers can also use this feature to find videos that match their target audience, or discover new partners and content for previously untapped opportunities.

For more information about Statistics and Data, please visit our Help Center.