¡Bienvenido, Partner! The YouTube Partner Program expands to Mexico

Friday, March 12, 2010 | 11:07 PM

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We continue to roll out the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) around the world and today added Mexico to the list. We're recognizing our most popular and prolific Mexican users, like Huevo Cartoons, Polo Polo and Bungolio, for their creativity on the platform by helping them turn their YouTube presence into a money-making venture and hopefully also a full-time job.

As you may already know, YPP allows participating users to choose which of their videos they want to generate revenue on YouTube. We then place ads beside those videos and our partners receive a portion of the money generated from these ads. So if you are in Mexico (or any of the other dozen YPP countries), regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users, and consistently comply with the YouTube Terms of Use, then apply nowpor favor.

What if you are a Mexican videographer who's created a popular video but aren't yet able to qualify for full partnership in YPP? The Individual Video Partnerships program allows people to monetize single videos -- "Ataque de Pánico!," "Acapulco Dreamers" and "Quiero ir al Antro" are all examples of this program at work. This means that if you are in Mexico (or Spain, where we also just launched IVP) and you receive an invitation from us to run ads next to one of your videos, we hope you'll accept.

We'll expand YPP to more countries soon, but in the meantime, "¡Bienvenidos, Mexico!"

Posted by Adrián Fernández, Business Development, Mexico